Audiences Might be ‘Taken’ Again

By  · Published on June 14th, 2010

Luc Besson seems to be the only person in France who understands action, so it’s great to see him continuing to create the stripped-down, high-intensity, low-plot stuff that he’s been doing lately. According to MTV (via Aint it Cool) that list might include a sequel to the minor box office smash Taken.

Star Liam Neeson said that there wasn’t a story, and that would be the sticking point, but that he and Besson were meeting to discuss the possibilities and to come up with something viable. Obviously, it’s not set in stone, but that’s nice to hear in a world where a title alone can greenlight a film before story or tone is ever even discussed.

Besson’s most recently produced sequel was District B13: Ultimatum which caught some mixed reviews that seemed to either see it as a retread of the first or as being not enough like the first, and both of those were given as reasons for the film being good or bad. Taken would be hard to do again with the same character, although if Die Hard can do it, I don’t see why Neeson can’t go track down more bad guys.

Merrick is right to point out that Pierre Morel is digging into Dune, and that Besson likes propelling talent to the director’s seat, so the real excitement here might be the world’s introduction to a fresh new directing talent.

Do you want a sequel?

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