Arnold Schwarzenegger to Terminate Again at Age 66

By  · Published on June 14th, 2013

This July, Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning 66 years old. Next January, he’s going to be playing the Terminator again.

According to The Arnold Fans, the actor confirmed that he’d be back in the role for Terminator 5 as well as the potential start date for the project. Of course, this is just one of many wells he’s dipping back into. Beyond one more attempt at terminating John Connor, Schwarzenegger is also looking to bring back Conan and film a sequel to Twins.

Fortunately, since the franchise is pretty loose on time travel to begin with, having a robot look 30 years older shouldn’t be too hard to explain away, although Schwarzenegger will have to grow out of the Tintin haircut he’s currently rocking for David Ayer’s Ten (as you can see). But, yeah, is there anything more conflicting than this news? It’s like hearing Michael Jordan is coming back out of retirement again. Cheering is an appropriate response, but how much more of this has to happen before it gets sad? The franchise itself seems to limp along after a tepid third installment and the dull confusion of Salvation, and Schwarzenegger’s return to cinema wasn’t all that triumphant. All of that raises the question: what has to happen for Terminator 5 to actually be good?

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