Anne Hathaway Likely On Board for Stephen Chow’s Next Film

The Rachel Getting Married star is reportedly headed for vastly different territory: the wild world of expert parodist Stephen Chow.
By  · Published on February 8th, 2009

For today’s odd-pairing news we give you: Stephen Chow and Anne Hathaway, Kung Fu Hustle meets Rachel Getting Married. Those explosions you hear are minds being blown from here to Hong Kong.

Yes, (via the Oriental Morning Post) reports the Best Actress nominee is “likely to appear” in martial arts comedy master Chow’s next flick, said to “be about a superhero, action-packed, special effects-rich, and of course funny.”

It’s not clear what role Hathaway would play in the untitled Hollywood comedy, Chow’s first English-language production. The director is, as usual, on board to star and Jack Black has signed on as well. Sources claim Chow’s writing the film in the same spirit as Kung Fu Hustle, his 2005 international smash that was the highest grossing foreign-language film in the U.S. that year. I’m not sure how well Hathaway will fit into Chow’s trademark broad parody style, but she showed some comic chops in The Princess Diaries films and opposite Steve Carell in Get Smart, so she’s earned the benefit of the doubt.

Chow recently left the long gestating Green Hornet, telling the media that he was too busy developing other projects. With the Hathaway news, the intrigue surrounding his new movie will only increase in the coming months, especially if she leaves Oscar night with a statue in hand.

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