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Angels Are in Trouble in This Atmospheric, Murderous Short Film

By  · Published on October 20th, 2016

Short Film of the Day

Hobo with a shotgun and a propensity for killing Heaven’s helpers.

From the mind of C. Robert Cargill, writer of Sinister and Doctor Strange!

Who are we kidding? This one comes from the mind of C. Robert Cargill, friend of the site and co-host of our podcast, Junkfood Cinema. He served as writer of this short film from director Nikhil Bhagat, which follows the exploits of a homeless man who has a bit of a vendetta against fallen angels.

It’s moody and thoughtful, while delivering some intense moments of violence. Easily something that could be used as a proof of concept for a feature project, or exist on its own as a memorable short. What it proves is that Bhagat has the ability to craft atmosphere, something that can be tough for filmmakers early in their careers. Considering the work he’s done here, Bhagat has certainly earned a spot on our Filmmakers to Watch list.

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