Amy Adams Will Be ‘An Object of Beauty’ for Steve Martin Adaptation

By  · Published on February 7th, 2012

Steve Martin’s talents extend far beyond just stand-up comedy, acting, sombrero-wearing, and banjo-playing, as the multi-hyphenate has also dabbled in the writing world, including a swim with fiction with three novels (fine, “Shopgirl” was a novella). That first novel(la) was turned into a film back in 2005, and now Martin’s latest work of grown-up fiction will join it on the big screen.

An Object of Beauty will be based on Martin’s 2010 novel of the same name, and the project is now getting outfitted with not only three producers, but an Oscar-nominated star. Amy Adams will lead the film as central character Lacey Yeager, as well as producing it alongside Maven Pictures producers Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray. There’s no word yet on the rest of the film’s cast and crew, including whether or not Martin will adapt his own book for the big screen (as he did with Shopgirl).

Adams’ producer duties prove that she’s got more than just a passing interest in the role ‐ which is of particular note, as the complicated character of Lacey is quite distant from the sunny, smiling image that Adams has cultivated over the past few years (The Fighter notwithstanding). Martin’s book focuses squarely on Lacey, a go-getter in the New York art world who starts off as a plucky intern at Sotheby’s, before some questionable choices (both in terms of career advancement and actual legality) force her to reinvent herself as a gallery owner. Told through the narrative voice of a male friend of Lacey’s, the book also focuses on Lacey’s checkered romantic life, littered with men who shape her career in different ways. While Lacey would be hard to classify as a “likable” leading lady, she’s compelling to read about, and the book is a well-crafted read that flies right by.

There’s little on Adams’ existing resume that’s comparable to the Lacey role ‐ she’s plucky, not sunny, and though she’s gritty and determined, she make some incredibly poor and stupid choices (though, oddly enough, she’s not sympathetic), and she trades on her good looks and sex appeal more often than she defers to her (quite solid) intellect. If Adams pulls it off, Lacey will be a solid departure for her, and a real feather in her acting cap.

Adams will next be seen in Man of Steel as another headstrong female character, Lois Lane. [THR, via ComingSoon]

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