Amblin Is Back In a Big Way With The ‘Super 8’ Trailer

By  · Published on March 11th, 2011

That Amblin logo at the front of the new trailer for Super 8 is an important signal to audiences that fell in love with the studio (and fell in love with movies because of the studio), and the rest of the trailer seems like it was cut from a movie Steven Spielberg directed in 1981 using all the best technology from 2011.

Simply put, the trailer finally fives a sense of the plot to this mysterious flick without giving away everything. It’s incredible, a heartfelt looking movie, and it raises genuine excitement in the way that trailers haven’t seem to do in months.

Get that feeling for yourself:

Even knowing that it’s Kyle Chandler, his voice at the beginning still sounds a lot like Richard Dreyfus.

This movie looks so damned good. One thousand cool points to the production for putting together what might be an incredible cinematic experience and one hundred extra cool points for not blowing every big moment in the trailer.

What say you?

Source: Official Super 8 Twitter Feed

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