A Toy Reveals a Major Spoiler for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

By  · Published on May 31st, 2012

As if the headline weren’t enough, here’s another spoiler alert to ensure that if you don’t want to know about a major character spoiler in The Dark Knight Rises, you don’t have to.

Earlier this month, John Gholson wrote an excellent article over at Movies.com opining in detail about one of the characters in The Dark Knight Rises. It was the kind of guess that could be a spoiler considering the source and the research involved.

And now, a toy from the Christopher Nolan’s movie is all but confirming that the guess was true.

The estimation? That Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake will be the film’s version of Azrael – the character who takes over as Batman for Bruce Wayne briefly after the billionaire’s back is busted up by Bane. Sorry for the alliteration there. Here’s the image from the toy line:

There to the right of the central figure is a new version of Batman that looks more like Batman Beyond than anything else.On the one hand, it could be a new suit that Bruce Wayne dons during the flick, but it seems a bit more likely that it’s meant for an entirely different Batman.

The best candidate for the job? Gordon-Levitt’s character.

Nolan may not kill Bruce Wayne outright, but there’s a lot of evidence pointing to the possibility that he’ll debilitate him enough to hand over the mantle to someone else (and have a sweet new set of duds tailored).

If all that’s true, can you imagine the moment Gordon-Levitt sat down with Nolan to hear that, not only did the director want to put him on the Gotham police force, that he wanted him to become Batman? How do you even begin to answer that without soiling yourself and speaking in tongues?

We’ll see when the movie comes out. For now, doesn’t it seem more plausible?

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Source: io9

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