A Sultry ‘Housemaid’ Trailer You Can Understand Without Knowing Korean

By  · Published on January 12th, 2011

We posted up the original Korean trailer for The Housemaid a while back, and then some of us got to see it at Fantastic Fest. The result? Quotes like this: “Beneath the water-still porcelain feeling of the mansion in which most of the action (in both senses) takes place is the dirt red beating heart of infidelity and the cruelty and callousness that exist within some people who can see nothing beyond protecting their wealth and status.”

The film is a masterpiece of dramatic filmmaking – one that’s keen on taking chances and delivering something vile and beautiful.

The trailer itself comes about a nanometer away from needing a Red Band, which is actually pretty indicative of the film’s teasing tone (even if the movie ends up delivering on the climax).

Now, you can enjoy the newest trailer without ordering Rosetta Stone:

It’s a little too rock ’n’ roll there for a bit, but the tone is nearly spot-on. Plus, the whole thing being set to whatever singer is attempting Fiona Apple’s lurid style is chillingly perfect.

This was absolutely one of my favorite films that I saw in 2010, and you can see the trailer in even higher def over at Apple.

What do you think?

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