A Dangerous ‘Fright Night’ Trailer Lives Next Door

By  · Published on May 16th, 2011

Why anticipate a remake of an 80s horror flick? For one, it’s that rare breed of remake where the original has a lot of great material to work with but can still clearly be improved upon. Or at least updated. Still, it was unclear what tone the new Fright Night was going to nail down. Would it have that tinge of comedy that made the original so perfect? Would it get disgusting? Would it be overly influenced by the new string of teen horror that’s hollow and dull?

This trailer seems to provide an answer alongside the motorcycle it throws into your car window.

Holy. Hell.

I see they took it seriously.

Director Craig Gillespie has thrown in some Rear Window alongside the Fear vibe that Colin Farrell is working with. At any rate, I didn’t see a single punch pulled, and that’s a great sign for a killer flick.

Also, I realize that the entire point of a remake is to capitalize on the name brand recognition, but in this case, it’s sort of great that they’ve kept the original title because of how much VHS-era flavor it has. They could have made it Fright Night: The Vampire Next Door or something moronic, but they didn’t, and that’s pretty great.

Would you go see it?

Source: Dreamworks

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