A Cursed Girl Mutates in WETA’s Test Footage for ‘Darkchylde’

By  · Published on July 12th, 2010

If you’ve read Randy Queen’s “Darkchylde” then you know how great it is. You’ve also probably had at least one long debate attempting to prove that you aren’t into jailbait.

If you haven’t read it, you may have still had to defend yourself, but you don’t know what you’re missing.

Either way, it’s a movie that’s been a long time coming, and it looks like it’s finally sprouting some wings to get off the ground. Those wings just happen to be attached to a gorgeous young woman.

The comic, published way back in 1996, follows Ariel Chylde – a girl with the ability/curse that sees her turning into the figures of her nightmares. Fortunately, she’s nice enough to go kill all of the dark creatures she unleashes.

Here are a few images from Newsarama of actress Renee Cataldo getting made-up to turn into a monstrosity:

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At this point, the film doesn’t have all of its financing, but it’s a comic property that was massively successfully, crossed gender lines, and features a girl who turns into something new and terrifying every time she bursts out of her skin. If you’re a fan of creature features and action, you should be crossing your fingers that they find their financing with the quickness.

Leaving aside Rob Hunter’s wrong opinion on Drag Me To Hell for a moment, how cool would it be to see Sam Raimi take this on?

What do you think? Have you read it?

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