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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Special Effects of Jason Bourne

By  · Published on December 6th, 2016


Face replacement, fire, and putting the badass back in the franchise.

After stepping away from Jason Bourne and halfway passing things off to Jeremy Renner* for a hot minute, Matt Damon returned this year to the role that elevated him into the realm of action stars and took his career in a whole different direction. His return had to be big, explosive, and unlike any and everything else we’d seen from the franchise to-date. This is trickier than it sounds given that the Bourne franchise is known for its adrenaline-laced special effects of both the practical and computer-generated variety. But this latest installment, the eponymous Jason Bourne – which is out on 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray and DVD today – not only lived up to its predecessors, it trumped them thanks in part to a couple new tricks on display, including face-replacement technology that helped keep star Matt Damon safe while a stunt double took on some of the trickier scenes. Thanks to this technology, Damon’s million-dollar mug was able to be transplanted seamlessly onto the double’s body – digitally, this isn’t Face/Off – so that we in the audience are none the wiser.

As to how they pulled this off, that’s what this exclusive clip from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is all about. In it, Damon, Picture Vehicles Supervisor Graham Kelly, and Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell discuss the new technology, as well a show to properly set a car on fire while it’s being driven without, you know, killing Vincent Cassel. Check out the clip then get thee to a retail outlet and pick up your copy of Jason Bourne in sweet, sweet 4k.

Check out Jason Bourne, on DVD and Blu-ray today:

Jason Bourne (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

(*Just to be clear, Renner did not play Jason Bourne, he played another operative in the world of Jason Bourne.)

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