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41 Things We Learned From the ‘Step Up’ Commentary

By  · Published on June 28th, 2012

Magic Mike may be loosely based on Channing Tatum’s past as a male stripper (and Tatum proves it with his impressive dancing skills), but Tatum first burst onto the film scene in 2006 as a troubled kid from the wrong side of the tracks with some serious moves (even when he is keeping his clothes on) in Step Up. While Tatum has taken on drama (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints), comedy (21 Jump Street), and being a romantic lead (The Vow), one thing has always been true – the guy can dance.

Step Up seemed like your typical dance movie based on two dancers, the classically trained Nora (played by Tatum’s now wife, Jenna Dewan) and break dancing Tyler (Tatum), but the dance chops and chemistry of these two leads made ended up making the film a surprise hit at the box office. Directed by Anne Fletcher (who is also an accomplished choreographer) Step Up’s story not only resonated, but the dancing on screen was fresh and exciting.

With two choreographers (Fletcher and her long-time collaborator Jamal Sims) and two dancers (Tatum and Dewan) doing the commentary, the conversation inevitably focused on the dance routines and the music. But even the early chemistry between Tatum and Dewan (despite recording in two separate cities) still stood out and proves to be a sweet time capsule of the beginning of their relationship.

Step Up is a fun movie full of eye candy from the intricate dances to the attractive leads and the commentary works to further enforce and highlight this feeling.

Step Up (2006)

Commentators: Anne Fletcher (director/choreographer), Channing Tatum (actor), Jenna Dewan (actor), Jamal Sims (hip-hop choreographer)

Best in Commentary

“I want her – but not in a weird way!” Tatum on working with his much younger co-star, Stoner.

“That’s so gross! Let’s talk about the Corn Pops.” – Tatum trying to change the subject to a bowl of cereal in the scene when everyone starts talking about his butt.

“It’s Snora.” – Dewan mocking her ADR.

“You saw a tear? She wasn’t just brushing her teeth or washing her hair? She wasn’t doing underwater basket weaving?” – Tatum filling us in on some of his ad-libbing (and continuing to show off his comedic chops).

“Don’t touch me, Sean Paul!” – Washington yelling at an extra who resembled the singer as he stormed down the street.

Final Thoughts

While the commentary did not give too much hard hitting insight into the film (outside of the technical aspects of the choreography and funny moments on set) it is clear that these four had a great time working together and it was easy to get caught up in the fun they were having reliving their time on-set together. And even though Step Up is not billed as a comedy, the commentary (and certain moments in the film) prove that Tatum has a true talent for giving a comedic performance (as many learned earlier this year with 21 Jump Street) with many of the funnier moments in the commentary coming from him.

It is interesting to see Tatum at the beginning of his career (and his relationship with Dewan) and how this movie truly did change his life. This may have been Fletcher’s first time directing, but she has gone on to direct more successful films like 27 Dresses and The Proposal while Dewan has helped pave the way for more dancers to break into acting with dancers like Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald getting lead roles in films like last year’s Footloose remake.

And if you are a female dancer looking for good outfits, both choreographers and Dewan gushed over Nora’s rehearsal outfits throughout the film.

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