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34 Things We Learned From the ‘WALL*E’ Commentary

By  · Published on June 21st, 2012

Oh, those geeks and their wonderful ways of storing minuscule tidbits of information and pulling them from their mental storage unit to spur on debates. What must it be like to listen to a group of them talk about a movie they love? How about a movie they’ve all worked on? That’s exactly what Disney and Pixar did for WALL*E.

They’ve pulled four of the geekiest minds on the production crew, minds that would analyze every, minute detail of a film and test it for accuracy, and let them talk all over the film. And, like any good geek conversation, the pop cultural references come with each, nerdy breath. So, without any further ado, it’s time to find out what this Geek Squad has to say about WALL*E.

WALL*E (2007)

commentators: Bill Wise (character supervisor), Lindsey Collins (co-producer), Derek Thompson (story artist), Angus MacLane (production and storyboard artist, voice of BURN-E)

Best in Commentary

“WALL*E has no sense of boundaries. That’s what makes him charming. And a stalker.” -Lindsey Collins

“Bobbleheads survive in the future. That’s nice to know.” – Angus MacLane

“She’s a magical Transformer.” -Derek Thompson about EVE

“I’m romantic about this warp effect.” -Bill Wise

“That is a ridiculous amount of knowledge on a ridiculous subject.” -Lindsey Collins, something she may as well say continuously through the commentary

Final Thoughts

There are two things this Geek Squad commentary track has to offer in abundance. The picking apart of logic in WALL*E and the dropping of sci-fi, cultural references. With all of the conversation about logic gaps in this film, you know right when they begin if you’re on board listening to them go back and forth about it or not. By the time they begin talking about AUTO’s depth perception, you’re either fully invested in the commentary or it’s all become white noise to you.

The references come up and get bandied about even faster than the logic gaps. References to TRON, Star Wars, Star Trek, “Brave New World,” Dr. Who, Planet of the Apes, Predator, Superman, Comic Con – Evidently Lindsey Collins only recently went to her first one, so YAY for her geek cred – Starlog Magazine, Soylent Green, The Omega Man, Battlestar Galactica, James Bond, and The Matrix. That’s just what was caught with one pass.

There’s no denying this inventive commentary track delivers exactly what it advertises, a group of geeks acting geeky about this movie they love and are proud of. The “geek off” over the closing credits and suggestions of the potential nerds WALL*E might inspire some day are fine ways to close, and this kind of commentary track would be fascinating to listen to for other, like-minded films. Another first from Pixar.

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