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26 Things We Learned From the ‘Batman: The Movie’ Commentary

“Look at those two idiots.”
Batman The Movie
By  · Published on July 19th, 2012

You just knew that with all of FSR’s Batman coverage this week, we wanted to tackle a commentary worthy of the caped crusader’s name. Of course, we already handled Christopher Nolan’s sole DVD commentary contribution, and anything Joel Schumacher has to say has to be heard first-hand to be believed. Sure, we could have gone to Tim Burton for this one, but his track record on talking about his own movie is a big goose egg thus far. We didn’t want to chance it, so we went back, way back, to the swingin’ 60s and the POW, BLAM, and SPLAT of the colorful classic Batman: The Movie.

Originally intended to be the TV series pilot, the film ended up getting a theatrical release between the series’ first and second seasons. It would continue on for three seasons total, but that classic “Batman” series would continue in the hearts of little boy wonders and batgirls all over the world for decades to come. Even now, the fandom behind this series is undeniable. Thanks to the never-ending wonders of DVD and Blu-Ray, we have this movie in all of its campy goodness. What’s more, we have Batman and Robin themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward, providing appropriately quirky commentary. Check out what they had to say right here.

Holy Feature-Length Amazement, Batman!

Batman: The Movie (1966)

Commentators: Adam West (actor), Burt Ward (actor).

Best in Commentary

“What’s he see? Is it real, or is it an illusion?” -Adam West, and there are loads more where that came from.

“Look at him beat that shark off.” -Burt Ward

“That was better than Viagra.” -Adam West, when the Joker shocks Penguin and the Riddler.

“A pussy named He-Cat.” -Adam West, trying to figure out Catwoman’s feline pet’s name.

“It’s not the kind of tuna that I eat.” -Adam West, friend of the porpoise.

“Here comes the holy polaris.” -Burt Ward just before Robin says, “Holy polaris!”

“It means, Robin, that we get to drive the Batmobile again, and you did buckle up this time. You learned your lesson.” -Adam West, time traveling there for a brief moment.

“Whoa, is he a keeper.” -Adam West, talking about Adam West, in fact.

“Holy Formaldehyde. We’re both preserved.” -Burt Ward, commenting on how well he and Adam West have aged.

“It’s not formaldehyde I’m drinking, Burt.” -Adam West, telling the absolute, 100% truth there.

“Holy Shakespeare.” -Burt Ward, as Bruce Wayne quotes Edgar Allen Poe.

“Brazen snatch.” -Adam West, who’s commenting on a Gotham City Times headline, but it made him – and us – laugh nonetheless.

“This is wholesome fighting.” -Burt Ward about the bloodless nature of the film’s fight scenes.

“Look at the size of these ladies there having a little lunch.” -Burt Ward, also referring to them as “two of our biggest fans.” That’s just mean.

“Burt, do you have a website? I’ve got a website. AdamWest.com and AdamBatmanWest.com.” -Adam West, throwing out some cheap plugs, but who can really blame him? Also to note, these websites are no longer in service, and a single tear just dropped from our collective eye.

“Check the sign. Foam rubber in its crudest form.” -Adam West, regaling us with his vast knowledge of foam rubber.

“Rescuing that young pussy.” -Burt Ward, knowing full well what he’s just done.

“Look at those two idiots.” -Adam West, talking about himself and Burt Ward wearing surgical gear over their costumes.

“I put that little bow on top just for fun.” -Adam West, hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

“You know, as we reminisce here, I don’t know whether we’re being modestly immodest or immodestly modest. All I know is, those days were fun and frightening and somewhat overpowering from time to time, but, in looking back at it, I really enjoyed every damn moment of it. It was just that much fun coming into work and playing Batman and Robin. How many grown men get to do that?” -Adam West

“To the Batmobile, Batman!” -Burt Ward’s closing words.

Final Thoughts

No, this commentary for Batman: The Movie isn’t the most insightful we’ve ever come across. Adam West and Burt Ward, not directors or writers on the project, have little more to share than personal anecdotes and generally enjoying the film in each other’s company. To be perfectly honest, that’s enough with this movie. It doesn’t give us loads of interesting items, but, as indicated by the biggest Best in Commentary we’ve come across to date, there is plenty to enjoy listening to these two talk.

They both understand the campy nature of the film and series, and they completely play into that here. It’s one of those commentaries you need to listen to for yourself, not because of the vast amounts of information they give us but just for the sheer entertainment value it and the movie have to offer.

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