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2014 Oscar Prediction: Best Documentary Short

By  · Published on February 27th, 2014

It’s a mediocre year for the Best Documentary – Short Subject category. It had been having a pretty good run, too. The Academy’s recent picks have included some remarkable little films, from simply told character profiles like Inocente and God Is the Bigger Elvis, to wise community portraits like Kings Point and Redemption, and formally intriguing works like The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom and Rabbit à la Berlin (a personal favorite). There’s a a bit of a stereotype that this category is always just an endless parade of blandly-directed films that exist only to tug at heartstrings, but it’s actually more complex than that. Unfortunately, the batch this time around has fallen short. The nominees for Best Documentary Short at the 86th Academy Awards include one decent film, two half-decent films, one mediocre film and one bad film.

With that whining out of the way, here are the films and where they stand. One of them will win, after all, no matter how much we like the overall quality of the batch.

Keep reading for a look at all five nominees for Best Documentary – Short Subject along with my predicted winner in red