11 Times The First Magic Mike XXL Trailer Made Us Scream

By  · Published on February 4th, 2015

Warner Bros.

What’s that noise? Oh, just the screaming of millions of helpless movie fans, undone by the appearance of the very first trailer for Magic Mike XXL, which promises to lay waste to multiplexes everywhere when the film opens in July. Our own Chris Campbell posted our first look at the new trailer mere minutes ago (am I still yelling? yes), but if there is any slice of marketing that deserves a deeper cut, it’s this one.

The gang is all back for this new outing – what are the odds we can turn this thing into a full-fledged franchise? we’re thinking big – which sees Tatum’s eponymous Magic Mike getting back into stripping for the ol’ one last gig thing. When the film picks up, Mike has been out of the stripping lifestyle for three years, and has busied himself with power tools (??) and tiny tank tops (??) in equal measure. When the rest of the gang decides to do one last “blow out” (tee hee) show, they reunite for lots of bumping and humping fun. Oscars for everyone. Are you ready to scream? Because this trailer is going to make you scream. Here are eleven times we couldn’t contain ourselves during our first watch.

1. When that classic Warner Bros. logo popped up

Is Magic Mike fully embracing its schlocky feel? Looks like it.

2. When the opening strains of Ginuwine’s “Pony” started to play

Is there any other song that so instantly screams “men will be humping things in this film”? No. You can’t possibly make a “sexy” movie that hinges on dancing without including this gem jam from 1996. Making it the first thing we hear in this first trailer immediately sets the tone for what’s to come. Nothing about this trailer is slapdash or tossed-off, and that includes its canny musical choices. Am I digging too deep? Keep reading.

3. When Channing Tatum “heard” the song

Yes, the hot dudes and slick dancing moves are excellent, but what’s actually great about this trailer is how damn self-relflexive it is. Magic Mike XXL — or, at least, this first look at Magic Mike XXL — knows exactly what it’s about. It’s about male strippers, yes, but it’s also about fun and pretty firmly nodding to its own inherent ridiculousness. The first film occasionally took itself a smidge too seriously, but this new sequel seems intent on selling the stuff that made it so enjoyable to watch: how funny this stuff really is.

4. When Channing Tatum vigorously shook his head “no”

It’s too late, Magic Mike. This is happening.

5. That entire power tool sequence

The thrusting, the sparks, the music. For a moment, I was concerned that this entire trailer would simply involve Tatum thrusting various metal bits into tools for no discernible reason. Then I wasn’t concerned anymore.

6. Okay, what? A dance break?

Have you forgotten that Channing Tatum can actually dance? Like, not just hump things and move his hands suggestively around his own body, but actually move? Here’s a reminder. (Also, sorry about that paperwork on Magic Mike’s worktable, that stuff is just covered in footprints now. Small loss.)

7. Copious humping, gyrating, and clothes-ripping


8. Joe Manganiello approximating orgasm using a bottle of soda in the middle of an otherwise normal convenience store

How many GIFs have already been made of this sequence? How did this trailer sneak past the MPAA? What kind of soda is that?

9. Those jeans

Don’t jeans look like they’d be uncomfortable to strip in? This yell was more an wondering “ouch.” Are male strippers eligible for workman’s comp if they’re injured on the job? They should be.

10. That “You’re Welcome” title card

Again, Magic Mike XXL knows exactly what it’s doing and who it’s catering to. That’s something anyone can admire and respect. Good job, Magic Mike XXL marketing team.

11. Tatum’s “Magic Mike” spin introduction

If the entire movie is just Channing Tatum, being this hilarious and self-aware and honestly kind of strange, I will go see it ten times. I don’t even care about the stripping, I’m all in for the humor (and the purposely bad dance moves).

Magic Mike XXL opens on July 1. You’re welcome.

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