Zack Snyder Will Shoot His ‘Last Photograph’ With Christian Bale

By  · Published on July 6th, 2010

For a fun thought experiment, think about the last great role you saw Christan Bale tackle not counting Public Enemies or any time he puts on a cape, cowl and growl for Christopher Nolan. While you’re doing that, imagine a world where he and Zack Snyder are teaming up for something completely original.

It may be shocking that a new concept is coming out of Hollywood and even more surprising that it’s coming from a man who cut his teeth on remakes and comic adaptations, but according to Pajiba, it’s the God’s honest truth. Snyder will be producing The Last Photograph and Bale is set in stone to star.

The site explains the film as the story of two men who adventure to Afghanistan, spurred on by a photograph. It doesn’t say what time period it’s set in, so it could be present day or anything as far back as the invention of the photograph. However, the synopsis does use the phrase “war-torn Afghanistan” so, again, it could be present day or pretty much anything as far back as the invention of the photograph. No word yet on whether General McChrystal will be involved or if the production will allow Rolling Stone reporters on set.

Snyder won’t be directing the movie himself, but the rumor is that Girl with the Dragon Tattoo helmer Niels Arden Oplev is up for the job which should excite just about anyone who’s seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or simply loves people whose names are plural version of American names.

This is in the early stages, so we’ll keep an eye out for it, and we’ll do so with fingers crossed that the role has some brooding in it for Bale.

Here’s hoping.

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