Your Favorite Actors Come Together for New ‘Nymphomaniac’ Posters

By  · Published on October 10th, 2013

In case you haven’t heard, Lars von Trier’s new film Nymphomaniac is about sex. What, the title didn’t give it away? The film made infamous by Shia LaBeouf’s claims that he’s *stage whispers* actually having sex on camera, has been rolling along steadily on the NSFW path since von Trier announced the project. And with these fourteen positively orgasmic character posters just released, it doesn’t seem like that will be stopping any time soon.

Nyphomaniac centers on Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a self-diagnosed nympho who decides to tell the illustrious tale of her entire sexual history to a man (Stellan Skarsgard) who helps her after she is left beaten in an alley. The posters feature both characters and the film’s other main players in the throes of ecstasy, hair flying and faces screwed up in what’s either passion or a seizure in the case of Udo Kier.

Then there’s the case of LaBeouf, who seemingly refused to join in the fun and really get into it. Another, more terrifying thought, though, is that maybe that’s really his O-face. And if he’s actually having sex on screen as he says, that’s what it looks like in real life as well. Pleasurable.

There’s no full trailer out for the film, but our own Nathan Adams wrote about the teaser, which you can watch here (NSFW, obviously). There is no U.S. release date for Nymphomaniac at this time, but hopefully it’s soon so we can all stop speculating about Shia LaBeouf’s penis. That’s the world I dream about. [ScreenCrush]