Young Writer, Producers Set to ‘Beat the Devil’ With Warners

By  · Published on June 22nd, 2010

A while back I wrote a Print to Projector entry about “Carter Beats the Devil,” which lead to author Glen David Gold informing me that there was new life to the adaptation and that Warners was going to buy the rights.

Now, we’re fortunately seeing the next step being taken. It may seem small, but in a world where nothing is certain, it’s nice to see a few names get hired to get the ball point pen rolling.

Deadline Sheboygan is reporting that Michael Gilio has been hired to write, and Ginny Brewer and Jeremy Stein alongside Jon Shestack.

Gilio is a new name, but he recently wrote Treasure Island (the one for Paul Greengrass that’s set for 2012, not the one by the White Noise writer that’s set for 2012).

If someone out there wants to option Gold’s most recent novel “Sunnyside,” I vote for Robert Downey Jr as Chaplin. For obvious reasons. You can see who I would cast for Carter Beats the Devil here.


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