You’ll Get an ‘Entourage’ Movie Whether You Want It or Not

By  · Published on July 29th, 2011

“If I had to finance it myself, I would do it.”

That’s Mark Wahlberg crushing the speculation that Entourage would end up on the long list of television shows that won’t ever be translated to the big screen. The show ends its television run with a short season (that’s currently airing), but like most fan favorites in their twilight year, Entourage seeks to live on, and making a movie seems like the most obvious way to do that.

It’s unclear what kind of draw Vincent Chase’s first real movie might be for studios, but it could be done without much expense, and it has a built-in audience (which seems to be the key to signing on a dotted line). So, who knows. On the other hand, it seems that if no one else wants to finance it, Wahlberg will just make it happen himself.

He might also be blowing smoke.

What might be most interesting is to see what people who haven’t seen the show think of all this. Is this the kind of thing that has cross-over appeal? Would someone who’s never seen an episode want to go see the gang in theaters? Would the inevitable R-rating for copious breasts yet PG tone to the whole thing translate to gaining a bigger audience or would it just be a mess?

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