You Will Love ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ And These Four Clips Prove It

By  · Published on May 26th, 2014

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There’s little sense arguing that the summer movie season isn’t already tremendously overstuffed (it’s so overstuffed, in fact, that even two years from now, the summer season of 2016, feels too crammed with highly hyped films to appropriately process the wannabe-blockbusters that lay in wait for us then, but I digress), but that doesn’t mean that there’s not room for a star-studded and action-heavy feature to emerge as an unexpected favorite. In fact, this is the season that basically demands it, because “star-studded” and “action-heavy” are sort of the only things that can make a great summer blockbuster popcorn flick, especially an unexpectedly solid one – like Edge of Tomorrow.

The Doug Liman-directed feature is essentially Groundhog Day spliced with an alien invasion film, a war production, a feminist-friendly outing, and real Tom Cruise vehicle. Sound tired? It’s not. You’re going to love it. We promise.

Our own Jack Giroux reviewed the film and, yup, loved it. I reviewed the film over at GeekNation and, yup, loved it. The film doesn’t even open until next week, and it’s already earned a very solid 90% Fresh score over at Rotten Tomatoes. Cruise, it so happens, tends to get some very high RT scores (shocking, I know, he is only a hugely recognizable and very charming movie star of the highest caliber, but the world is full of mysteries), and Edge of Tomorrow is actually the seventh Cruise-starring film to garner a 90% rating or higher on aggregator. This early rating places it in line with films like Born on the Fourth of July and Minority Report.

(Fun fact: Cruise’s highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes is Risky Business, and before you balk at that and wonder about how many reviews a modern aggregating site could possibly have used to score a film from 1983, the answer is “forty-five.” There’s only one Rotten review in the bunch. We’re aghast, too.)

In short, it’s already a hit, and we can show you why with four new clips that have just popped up online for your viewing pleasure.

Tom Cruise’s Charm

Sure, it might not be exactly obvious from this clip – he’s soliciting her for sex! – but Cruise’s charm and humor come through in the film in some big, big ways, adding some much-needed levity to a film that could otherwise rely too much on action and drama. His Major William Cage is a bit of a dud when the film kicks off (he’s never seen a day of combat in his life), and his personality and attitude change over the course of the feature, including a big uptick in his humor. It works.

Major Action

Just a taste.

Actual Thrills and Chills

Because the day “resets” every time Cage dies, we get to see Cage die a lot. There are also plenty of other scenes we see repeatedly played out, and we spend a lot of time in this doomed drop ship. This is the first time Cage is in the plane, about to drop into an ill-fated battle. This tension? It doesn’t really ever let up.

Emily Blunt Being a Badass

While Cage is a coward who eventually changes and evolves, Blunt’s Rita Vrataski is a badass from the get-go. She’s an international soldier superstar, she’s the best warrior they’ve got and she’s the only one who knows what’s really going on with Cage. And she will kick your ass.

Sold yet?

Edge of Tomorrow opens on June 6th. Get your tickets now.