‘YellowBrickRoad’ Trailer Hates Spaces and People From Out of Town

By  · Published on May 24th, 2011

The Blair Witch phenomenon seems to come full circle here in a movie that doesn’t try to mask itself as a documentary, but still features a crew of people investigating some weird goings-on in a small town’s forestland.

The hook? Seventy years ago, some townspeople started walking up a path and were never heard from again. Now, it’s up to a team to uncover the mystery, even if the current citizens aren’t exactly brimming with information or a desire to talk about the past.

For a lower budget horror film, YellowBrickRoad looks like it has potential, but it almost always looks ridiculous when the production team uses a moronic title and throws in a supposedly “creepy” whisper of a famous line from The Wizard of Oz over their story that seems to have nothing to do with The Wizard of Oz except said moronic title.

Would you go see it?

Source: Apple

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