‘Years of Living Dangerously’ Trailer: James Cameron and His Celebrity Army End Global Warming

By  · Published on November 1st, 2013

James Cameron is probably out there somewhere, cultivating a fully-formed alien ecosystem on Venus for Avatar 8, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his home planet too. In fact, he cares so much about Earth that he’s produced a documentary for Showtime called Years of Living Dangerously, about the damage our civilization is doing to the environment, and what can be done to stop it.

But Cameron is also the man who makes films so popular that unborn children and the recently deceased still manage to make it into the theaters; he knows that your average schmuck won’t be paying attention to a pay-cable documentary about the environment. So what does he do? He crams Years of Living Dangerously with every single celebrity who’s ever uttered the words “climate change,” including, but not limited to: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ian Somerhalder, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle, America Ferrera and Michael C. Hall. And Cameron’s not borrowing roughly a third of Hollywood just to plant ’em in front of a camera either. These celebrities are billed as “celebrity correspondents,” and will be taking their famous faces into the field to get an up close and personal look at how environmental damage affects those who don’t regularly receive multimillion dollar paydays. It may put butts in seats (although who knows, it might not), but on the subject of climate change, I’d rather hear from the scientific community than Dexter and Indiana Jones.

Check out the trailer for Years of Living Dangerously below.

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