‘World War Z’ Trailer: God Can’t Save You, But Brad Pitt Can

By  · Published on November 9th, 2012

World War Z certainly had a bumpy production trip to the big screen. The movie got pushed back six months, had a troubled shoot, and an ending which needed assistance from man who isn’t exactly well-regarded for his endings. Based on this first trailer for the film, some of the more creative troubles are on display.

Word was Marc Forster was unsure of what type of zombies he wanted, and the kind he went with go against the gritty, grounded style he’s clearly aiming for. Whenever a horde of CG zombies appear in this trailer, Forster’s “serious” approach falls flat. Nothing can take someone out of a movie more than an all-CG character, but there looks to be plenty of cartoon zombies running amok in World War Z.

Check out Brad Pitt running, staring off, and shouting a lot in the full-length trailer for World War Z:

Not all hope is lost for World War Z. Forster’s a solid director, and it’s fair to say, based on this trailer, that he’s made a war movie we haven’t seen before. No can say the movie doesn’t look “big.” Hopefully the movie will be more than a big troubled mess or a “Brad Pitt saves the world!” movie, and be more representative of this trailer’s first 40 seconds or so.

World War Z opens in theaters on June 21st, 2013. [Apple]

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