With a Name Like ‘Sunlight Jr.,’ Of Course This Trailer’s Bleak

By  · Published on September 25th, 2013

With a Name Like ‘Sunlight Jr.,’ Of Course This Trailer’s Bleak

With Diana premiering to less-than stellar reviews in the UK, it’s perhaps kindest for us to focus on another Naomi Watts project hitting theaters just two weeks after its release in the United States – smooth move, Watts. In the Laurie Collyer (Sherrybaby) drama Sunlight Jr., Watts plays a convenience store clerk working tirelessly to support herself and her disabled partner (Matt Dillon). When she becomes pregnant, their joy is clouded by the realization that they barely have enough money to take care of themselves. Add the sudden appearance of her stalker ex-boyfriend (Norman Reedus), and everything has gone to hell.

The difference between this trailer and Diana (that makes all the difference) is that you get taken in by Watts’ problems and emotional breakdown. Her story seems all too real and miserable. However, our own Caitlin Hughes reviewed the film at Tribeca and wasn’t too convinced, saying that the depiction of the lower class was bordering on “stereotypical.”

Check out the trailer here:

You have to love the press quote saying that this is Matt Dillon’s most powerful performance since Crash, don’t you. What else would have been – You, Me and Dupree?

Sunlight Jr. is in theaters November 15th.