‘Wish You Were Here’ Trailer: Yet Another Vacation Goes Horrifyingly Awry

By  · Published on March 28th, 2013

Okay, movies, we get it now. We shouldn’t go on vacation anymore, it only seems to lead to sex, drugs, criminal trouble, and death. What’s that, you say? That was only Spring Breakers? There are plenty of wholesome vacation-based films to enjoy out there? Fine, why don’t you go ahead and just book my ticket straight to Kieran Darcy-Smith’s Wish You Were Here then? Ah, gotcha! Looks like there is nothing but sex, drugs, criminal trouble, and death in that one, too!

Of course, the new film from Blue-Tongue Films members Darcy-Smith (who co-wrote the film with star Felicity Price) is very, very different than Harmony Korine’s latest opus, but it still will keep us away from beach vacations for quite awhile. The film features rising star Joel Edgerton as Price’s husband, Teresa Palmer as her sister, and Antony Starr as Palmer’s new boyfriend, with the four heading off on a Southeast Asian trip that ends in tragedy. Turns out, four might leave on that trip, but only three return, with Price, Edgerton, and Palmer forced home after Starr goes missing in a very peculiar fashion. Just what is going on here? While we can’t tell just yet (this one is definitely twisty), it certainly looks like Edgerton might need to retain a lawyer ASAP.

Stay in the safety of your own home, in your own town, far away from tropical beaches and debauchery, and check out the first trailer for Wish You Were Here after the break.

Wish You Were Here opens on June 7th. [The Playlist]