Will Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’ Show Walt Disney Proving UFOs Are Real?

By  · Published on February 12th, 2013

As the story goes, the United States government approached Walt Disney in the mid-1950s and asked him for help producing a television program that would explain to the population that UFOs were real. This project, this moment in time, and this unidentified flying secret might be the basis for Brad Bird’s mysterious Tomorrowland movie.

For years, Jim Hill has been a peerless source about news and insider information when it comes to The Mouse House, and now the writer has laid out a ton of signs that all point to a military initiative called Project Blue Book and the government’s reliance on Disney to share the story as the springboard for the plot. Of course, he also has exactly the same amount of proof that conspiracy theorists always have, but his expertise in all things Disney is unquestionable. It’s about as good (and thorough) a guess as we’re likely to see until Damon Lindelof and Bird see fit to shed some light on the synopsis.

For a moment, let’s assume that it’s correct. It’s incredibly cool right? There’s a touch of Argo to it complete with a real-world twist that makes it even more interesting. The only question is why the government wouldn’t have gone to Dr. Seuss and Frank Capra for help. But seriously, comb through Hill’s post and revel in the surprising joy it could fulfill as a film. If this isn’t what Tomorrowland is going to be, Disney should thoughtfully consider using Project Blue Book for another movie.

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