Who Wants Disney to Change Their Mind and Make Tron 3?

By  · Published on June 1st, 2015

Walt Disney Pictures

The other day, I wrote about how we, the people, are influencing Hollywood decision making. But that was for the great cause of gender equality, making sure that women are involved with big projects, including the Transformers franchise and at least women-centered movies like Lumberjanes. But do we have the power to get movies made? Outside of crowd-funding something, a la Veronica Mars, that is? Can we influence Disney to change their mind about canceling Tron 3?

That’s the hope of many fans who’ve signed a petition directed at the Mouse House – 14k fans, as of this writing, in fact. Names hit the list over the weekend, starting immediately after The Hollywood Reporter and others announced the studio, for whatever their reason, would not be moving forward on the sequel, which was going to bring back Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski and stars Garett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. Jared Leto was also rumored to be joining the digital fun to complete the trilogy.

I, too, was looking forward to the movie, in part because I really enjoyed Legacy (particularly the Daft Punk score, the Daft Punk cameo, the performance by Michael Sheen and a lot of the visuals), in part because I wanted Cillian Murphy’s appearance in the first sequel explained or expanded and in part because I love how Disney is keen on doing another Splash remake (the first was Enchanted), this time with a digital girl living in the real world. I haven’t signed the petition, though, because I don’t think it’ll make a difference.

Is there any other way to convince Disney to make another Tron? Maybe it’ll take another 23 years (making the span equal to that between the first Tron and Legacy), and the studio can recognize that Legacy has grown an even bigger fanbase and we can visit Hedlund and Wilde’s characters decades after she’s blended into society, and for whatever reason they need to go back into the game. Or perhaps Disney can put the thing on Kickstarter?

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