What’s That, Little Bluebird? ‘Enchanted’ is Getting a Sequel?

By  · Published on July 3rd, 2014

Walt Disney Pictures

Seven years after Disney brought Amy Adams into our lives as the real life princess that we’d always dreamed could exist, they’re attempting to make magic happen again with a sequel to their 2007 hit Enchanted, according to Deadline. In that first movie, doe-eyed, full of wonder and dressed like an adorable cupcake Giselle (Adams) peeled herself away from the animated kingdom of Andalasia when a wicked queen (Susan Sarandon) banished her to plain old regular Earth for fear that she would marry her princely stepson (James Marsden) and unseat her from her throne.

With Enchanted 2 now a reality, maybe that means Giselle and her true love from New York City (Patrick Dempsey) didn’t wind up happily ever after as it so tidily seemed at the end of the first film. Or Prince Edward and his equally earthly girlfriend (Idina Menzel) weren’t exactly a match either. Having a partner who sings constantly, no matter how dreamy they might be, probably gets a little grating.

No cast members have signed on yet for the sequel, which is being written by David Stem and David N. Weiss (The Smurfs; Are We There Yet?) and directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal; The Guilt Trip), meaning the doors are open for some healthy speculation about plot and premise.

It’s taken a long time for a sequel to emerge for the Disney princess self-parody, but it’s not an unusual piece of news. Though Menzel was not the focus of the first film by any means, this was a world nearly a decade before Frozen took over the animated children’s movie game and “Let It Go” became an incessant ear worm that will never, ever be silenced; a time when Menzel went from being Broadway’s Idina Menzel to the voice of a bonafide Disney princess. It’s only natural that the studio would want to capitalize on their most profitable and popular star of the moment and lift her up – and isn’t it convenient that they already happen to have a film in their arsenal that she had a key role that could potentially be expanded?

Enchanted 2 probably focuses on Prince Edward and now-Princess Nancy in their lives back in Andalasia.

Nancy, unlike her practical dad counterpart Robert, still believed in the concepts of “true love” and “fairytale endings” and happily ever after,” which is why she got swept away by Marsden (and like … he’s James Marsden; look at him) in the first place. Maybe it’s time to revisit her about 10 years later, after actually getting together with that prince. And also checking in with Giselle when she vowed her love to a regular ‘ol lawyer.

No word either on if Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz will be back to write the music for the sequel; their three original songs, “That’s How You Know,” “Happy Working Song” and “So Close” were all nominated for Oscars in 2008.

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