What We’re Thankful For

By  · Published on November 25th, 2014

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Look at that feast! Amazing.

We’re cooking up our own feast here at FSR and taking the week off to celebrate the holiday, but we wanted to take time out to honor our relatively young tradition of listing a whole bunch of cinematic things that we’re thankful for.


Robin Williams’ laugh

Awesome Mix (Volumes 1 and 2)

Getting to watch an action movie starring LEGO bricks


Finally getting to see what Richard Linklater has been working on these past 12 years

Getting a sequel to The Raid

More Step Up movies

More Fast & Furious movies

Every single one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s monologues in Nightcrawler

Fantastic books like “Gone Girl” and “Wild” getting turned into equally solid movies

Hemyda kees yak ocksucka:

Meeting a “real life” version of Wall-E in Earth To Echo


That Lucy made almost half a billion dollars

That we still have one Hunger Games film left

That we only have one Hunger Games film left

That we have Wonder Woman, Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel to look forward to

Dave Franco’s Robert De Niro impersonation

The Theory of Everything’s progressive, sensitive take on modern marriage

Gone Girl’s cold as ice, cynical take on modern marriage

That The Hobbit is almost over (it’s over this year, right? Right?)

The rise of movie star Chris Pratt


Groot and Rocket


The ballsiness of Birdman

The heart-stirring beauty of Tracks

Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow

Rose Byrne in Neighbors

Jenny Slate in Obvious Child

Godzilla’s roar

The food of Chef

Griffin Newman in Draft Day

The confection that is The Grand Budapest Hotel

The actual confections in The Grand Budapest Hotel

Every single laugh that burst forth from my aghast mouth during Vampire Academy

Mike Nichols movies

70mm film

Nick Cave doing anything

Ava DuVernay

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s bombastic vulnerability

Ethan Hawke’s mustache in Boyhood

Good filmmaking tips from great filmmakers

James Gray’s The Immigrant

Sequels to Godzilla and Pacific Rim

Ed Harris at the end of Snowpiercer

Movie theaters that still have a Wurlitzer

This right here:

Jim Carrey’s dramatic roles

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve

Certain movie gimmicks (like splitting a final movie in two parts) seem to be getting old

Star Wars VII is actually happening (enjoy the trailer!)

Bill Murray is being taken seriously… unless he’s photobombing your wedding

VOD horror, which is mostly running circles around wide-release mainstream horror

Amid some bad casting, Jason Momoa will make a great Aquaman

Many people still consider it rude to use your cell phone during a movie

Lounge chair recliners at the multiplex

The Christmas Day releases will be totally bonkers this year

Tom Wilkinson’s spin move in The Full Monty

Meddling with the primal forces of nature

Letting Lars von Trier have his way with you for five hours

New Zealand, for whatever it is they put in their drinking water to result in their filmmakers delivering two of the year’s best horror-comedies in Housebound and What We Do In the Shadows

Everyone involved in the creation of the magically delicious disaster that is Winter’s Tale

The Den, Willow Creek, The Taking of Deborah Logan and The Houses October Built for proving that it’s possible to make found-footage horror films that don’t suck

Whoever it was that suggested I blind buy Criterion’s The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp during their half-off sale because that 1943 film immediately shot into my all-time top 20

Vinegar Syndrome, for taking a break from peddling obscure porn titles to release the 1987 Bigfoot masterpiece that is Cry Wilderness onto an unsuspecting world

Jang Joon-hwan, for returning ten years after his brilliant debut film Save the Green Planet to deliver a second, equally amazing and genre-bending feature with Hwayi: A Monster Boy

Dan Stevens’ reassuring smile in The Guest

Dan Stevens’ gleeful use of hand grenades in The Guest

Everything Dan Stevens does in The Guest

Driving around while listening to the Under the Skin soundtrack

Mark Webber’s uncomfortably enthusiastic groping of Anna Kendrick in Happy Christmas

The blood pumping through the veins in JK Simmons’ head.

Fiddly digits and itchy britches.

Sundance, because so many of 2014’s best films actually premiered at the fest in January including Calvary, Whiplash, Listen Up Philip, Dear White People, Blind, Boyhood, I Origins, The Raid 2, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Babadook and What We Do In the Shadows

Scream Factory, for finally releasing a holy grail for Clive Barker fans with the fully restored director’s cut of Nightbreed

Marvel, for branching out this year to deliver two films (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy) that went slightly askew from their normal formula, resulting in two of their best releases yet

Alfie Allen, for killing Keanu Reeves’ dog and igniting the year’s best action movie in John Wick



Cinema Eye Honors nominations where it’s too damn hard to pick the winners

Frederick Wiseman is still making movies

The continued collaboration between the McDonaghs and the Gleesons

Life Itself (and life itself)

The fact that someone spent 12 years making a movie because not everything is a rush job for profit

The fact that I can go another 12 years without seeing Boyhood, and maybe I’ll love it then, but we can be patient about movies

Having a kid who always wants to watch Frozen and not being annoyed by that yet (and maybe not ever)

If all movies have to be superhero movies, at least moviegoers are showing the preference for better, smarter superhero movies

Jesse Eisenberg and Jesse Eisenberg in The Double

Mr. Smith’s passion

Allison Loring, Kate Erbland, Rob Hunter, Christopher Campbell, Kevin Carr, Landon Palmer, Adam Bellotto, Nathan Adams and Scott Beggs contributed to this list. And now, to the cranberry sauce.

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