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What We Want Out of ‘Big Mouth’ Season 2

Netflix’s teaser leaves us with some burning questions about the current state of our favorite hormone stricken middle schoolers.
Big Mouth
By  · Published on August 30th, 2018

I want to start off by saying that Nick Kroll is a genius. He perfectly takes on the horrors of puberty in an extremely over-the-top, disgusting yet hilarious, and all too real way and puts it into the form of an adult cartoon. And come on, all that with a killer voice cast of well-loved actors and comedians? It’s no wonder that Big Mouth is back for Season 2. And Netflix just dropped a teaser for the upcoming return, as well as a confirmed release date of October 5th.

The Season 1 finale left us with a lot of questions that will hopefully be answered in this next bunch of episodes. There were so many relationships left open-ended, and when you’re in middle school, relationships are key. Whether it concerns someone they have a crush on or someone who helps them deal with (or not deal with) all of their hormones, there are always heavy relationship issues going on in the life of a tween.

For starters, Jessi is in a weird relationship with Jay that results in the two of them finding a dead body. Whose dead body? Just a guy with a ponytail who was another victim of the unnamed ponytail strangler. Shocking to none, Coach Steve is being questioned by a detective (a character voiced by John Mulaney, whom I’m now realizing sounds a lot like his J. J. Bittenbinder impression) after he gives some pretty heavy indications that he could possibly be the murderer. Then, of course, Andrew gets framed for murder. It was quite the season closer for a comedy about kids going through puberty.

Also, after trying to get Andrew’s Hormone Monster to mentor him, Nick finally gets his own, except it’s a much older semi-delusional one named Ricky. While this means that we’ll get a lot of funny bits from Nick and his new Monster, it also means Nick will be experiencing all of (or at least most of) the horrors that we had to watch Andrew go through. And I’m not saying that those bits won’t be funny too, because Lord knows what Nick’s very invasive parents will have to say about the changes he’s going through.

Speaking of, let’s talk about poor Andrew, who really had a rough time this whole past season. He thought he was gay and was basically convinced after he was serenaded by the ghost of Freddie Mercury. Then when he finally ended up with Missy, his ultimate crush, they had to break up, and he denied Missy’s offer to stay friends because he doesn’t think he can handle it. I hope that things look up for Andrew in this upcoming season, but let’s be honest, they won’t.

Based on the upcoming teaser, it seems like there’s a chance that The Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress have taken their relationship to the next level by moving in together. Though this could’ve just been a fun bit for the sole purpose of the teaser, it’s still a concept that would definitely make things pretty funny in this next season. Especially since both monsters feed off of one another, which ends up affecting the kids they’re in charge of (Andrew and Missy), we could get the answer to our big Andrew and Missy relationship question after all.

Another big thing that came to mind watching the teaser and discovering what was happening is that the kids are now one year older, so they’re entering 7th grade. This isn’t going to be one of those shows about kids where it’s on for years but they never get any older. With a show like Big Mouth where the entire plot revolves around the changing bodies of tweens, it’s a good thing that Kroll realized that they need to age, unlike a show like Arthur where all of the kids have been 8 years old since 1996.

Another thing that we have to look forward to is the talent of David Thewlis joining the cast with an interesting character addition to the show. According to Deadline, Thewlis will voice “The Shame Wizard, The Hormone Monster’s mortal enemy who haunts the kids by stoking their deepest shame.” I imagine that The Shame Wizard is probably going to target the kids that The Hormone Monster is attached to, which means that this season is probably going to be hell for Andrew.

Another additional character will be Gina (voiced by Gina Rodriguez), a girl on Jessi and Missy’s soccer team that shakes things up at school. I’m excited for this new character, as it will give us some new stories with the girl characters of the show. Season 1 episode “Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality” was a hilarious look into the lives and relationship of Jessi and Missy, and I think that the possibility of girl drama that doesn’t involve their relationships with Nick, Andrew, and Jay will be refreshing and fun to watch.

All in all, based on what was set up in last season as well as the new characters being added, I’m super excited to see what terrible things these poor kids are going to go through. And since they’re only getting older, who knows if they’ll be exposed to more high school kids through Nick’s older siblings? I mean, Nick got drunk in Season 1, who knows what he’s going to do next?

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