What to Watch Instead of The Super Bowl

By  · Published on February 4th, 2017

Because not everyone is into football. And that’s okay.

This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots in football’s biggest night: the 51st Super Bowl. Fans are expecting it to be a great game with an exciting halftime performance by Lady Gaga, but, if you are like me, your television will probably be tuned in elsewhere. Thankfully, being in the golden age of television has its perks and there are plenty of great and fun alternatives television marathons to watch this weekend.

The Walking Dead

For the past few years, AMC has offered their ratings juggernaut as counter programming to the big game and has thus dubbed it the “Zombie Bowl.” Instead of trying to cram six seasons of content into one weekend, AMC will be throwing it back to seasons one and two starting at 8 A.M. on Sunday and going all the way until 4 A.M. the next morning. Maybe some good zombie crushing will be get you hyped up for some football.

Star Trek

Sci-fi fans rejoice. Another all day marathon can be seen over on BBC America if maybe you want to watch the Enterprise crew live long and prosper in space. Starting at 9 A.M. and running until 11 P.M. on Sunday, viewers will travel through the final frontier with a Star Trek marathon.

Parks and Recreation

Maybe you will need a good laugh at some point during the day to ease the nervousness or tension or dread. Whatever the case, Esquire network is hosting a Parks and Recreation marathon from 3 P.M. to 4 A.M. True fans of the NBC comedy will surely treat themselves with the marathon along with some waffles and calzones.

Harry Potter Weekend

Looking for sports this weekend that maybe aren’t football? Well, tune in to Freeform’s Harry Potter weekend and catch a Quidditch game or the Twiwizard Tournament. Starting with the third installment on Sunday, catch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban bright and early at 6 A.M. and stay for the subsequent films (except for Order of the Phoenix) until 11 P.M. You can expecto-patronum to watch as Harry and his friends battle Lord Voldemort and save the wizarding world all while celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first book’s release.

Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl might possibly be one of the best counter programming strategies employed in the last few years, so hats off to you, Animal Planet. If the game gets too stressful or you just want to watch a bunch of adorable baby puppies run around and play, you will definitely want to switch over to the Puppy Bowl, especially in time for the kitten halftime show. What makes the Puppy Bowl even better this year is that it will feature three special needs dogs in the starting lineup. But, like every year, the animals are looking for forever homes, families to adopt them, and are all extremely adorable.

Let us know what you’ll be watching this weekend and be sure to check out our running list of the best commercials during the game. Best of luck to both teams!

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