What to Expect From Our Coverage of Comic-Con 2012

By  · Published on July 11th, 2012

Check out a preview of what the Rejects will be up to this year at the San Diego Comic-Con, beginning with SDCC virgin Brian Salisbury…

Having never been to Comic-Con, in fact having never before set foot in the state of California, I can’t help but feel a tinge of trepidation as I pack for San Diego. Chief among these concerns was whether I’d even get an adequate feel of the Con on my first outing as I darted from roundtable to roundtable, from press screening to blogger party. Would I leave my first Comic Con with no legitimate understanding of what keeps people coming back year after year? It was then I decided that, as a noob, it was best to experience the convention as a fan and not an industry professional. I needed to separate these two factions of my personality, to make a clean break from the behind-the-scenes journalism aspect and the intrepid geeks who walk the floor without the benefit of credentials.

That’s when the idea of wearing a mask came into the picture, to disguise myself and resist the temptation of professional perks. I will walk the floors, stand in lines for panels in the various halls, and talk geek shop with the other attendees; providing journal entries for each day. This seems doubly fitting given the amount of cosplay that I’ve heard takes place at Comic Con. I will blend in even under fantastical vestments. So what character would I choose? What hero, outlaw, or monster embodies what I’m trying to achieve this year? It had to be Rorschach. He kept a journal, he documented the strange and the severe, the changing environments around him. Under this face, I will roam the Con. I will take part in nothing to which a regular Joe fan couldn’t easily gain access. If this persona ends up taking over my psyche and I begin pummeling booth thieves and leering creeps snapping pictures of jailbait in Sailor Moon outfits, well, then this experiment will have succeeded. – Brian Salisbury

But seriously folks, Robert Fure likes free stuff.

So I’ll be doing San Diego Comic Con the right way, abusing my press privileges to get all sorts of free stuff and gain access to places suckers like you can’t even dream of.

Just kidding, San Diego Comic Con treats press like anyone else – well, we don’t pay for our badges, but we don’t get any other special treatment. So while Brian is off sleuthing around the floor and buying exclusive Con items, I’ll be standing in long lines to get into the panels to bring you all the freshest, hottest, sexiest, and sweatiest information there is. Just what will we be covering? What am I excited for? Well let me run it down for you.

Daily Cool Things!

Every day we’ll bring you a summary of the coolest stuff from the day, whether it’s an awesome CosPlay costume, breaking studio news, or a kick ass statue of a half-naked dude. (That one’s for the ladies)

Screenings! Maybe!

We hear rumors every year of various screenings, secret and otherwise, and while I’m not sure I can give you all the specifics, we’ve got plans this year that include Tom Jane on one hand and Karl Urban on the other.

Movies! Panels! Love!

Myself and fellow San Diego infiltrator Kate Erbland will be rocking and rolling with several panels including Jackie Chan’s kung fu actioner Armour of God 3 aka Chinese Zodiac or CZ-12. After that the ass-kicking continues as I settle in for more war with The Expendables 2!

For those of you with families, all four of you, we’ll check out the much anticipated ParaNorman before getting all adult on your asses with R-Rated mayhem from the newest Resident Evil, Total Recall, and the Matt Damon gritty future flick Elysium.

Come Saturday, you won’t know what to do with yourself as we draw down against Django Unchained, travel back in time to watch ourselves watch ourselves with Rian Johnson’s Looper, suit up to get all heavy metal with the hottest tin man ever in Iron Man 3, and dive balls deep into the Warner Bros/Legendary panel, which promises tons of surprises, sneak peeks, and our first real looks at The Man of Steel and Pacific Rim.

Comic Con! Tweets!

When the day is done, what Comic Con really is is a celebration of geek-pop culture, so you can expect plenty of cool things from the show room floor delivered right to your e-door as we bring the experience home to you, highlighting swag, cool toys, awesome comics, fans, creators, and just the general vibe. We’ll even come to your house, crowd your living room, overcharge your for pretzels, and secretly take pictures of you while you’re not looking.

Stay tuned to the site for all our Comic Con updates and follow our adventures on Twitter! Our official feed is @RejectNation for all sorts of breaking news, while you can follow my off the cuff wildly inappropriate Con reactions at @RobertFure or the astute words of @Katerbland, while Brian Salisbury will go deep undercover as @RorscachatCon.– Robert Fure

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