What the Movie World of 2017 Will Look Like

By  · Published on August 16th, 2012

Movie theaters downloading their films from a secure studio-run cloud; inexpensive high-quality cameras at the fingertips of creators; fans as front-end financiers. It may represent 5 short years, but technology and culture are shifting so quickly that the movie world of 2017 has the potential to look radically different than our own. How will studios respond to an influx of independent films? Will a rejection of owning physical discs lead to a ballooning rental business? Will actors and creator be able to earn millions without stepping foot on a studio lot?

We’ve asked Tugg CEO and Terrance Malick production partner Nicolas Gonda as well as savvy, forward thinking indie producer Keith Calder (The Wackness, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Thunder Soul) to mentally step into a time machine and report back on what that world might look like. From production to exhibition and everything in between.

The only sure thing is that cars will be driving us to the theater themselves. And that Men in Black V is probably going to kick ass.

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Tugg CEO Nicolas Gonda Envisions The Future [The Beginning ‐ 18:30]

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