Weirdly, Justin Lin Doesn’t Just Want to Do ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies Now, Lines Up New Thriller

By  · Published on February 21st, 2013

Much as we’d like for director Justin Lin to just keep churning out Fast and Furious films forever and ever, the filmmaker appears to have a hankering for a some slightly different fare. Deadline Hollywood reports that the helmer has signed on to direct the big screen adaptation of author Patrick Lee’s next novel, an untitled action thriller that will kick off a planned three-book series and that doesn’t even release until next winter.

While we don’t know much about the project, the outlet does reveal that the book centers on “an ex-special operative named Sam Dryden. In the character-driven thriller, Dryden runs into a mysterious young girl who is not quite what she seems, and he embarks on a journey to keep her safe from a powerful government agent intent on hunting her down.” This could really mean just about anything, but hey, planned thrills!

Warner Bros. just picked up the rights for the novel in an apparently heated studio battle. Lee’s first novel, “The Breach,” is also in development, thanks to producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and David Goyer.