WB Hoping To Make Sweet Werewolf Love To Amanda Seyfried

By  · Published on February 18th, 2010

The LA Times’ movie blog, 24 Frames, is a solid source of information sometimes on upcoming Hollywood projects, but goddamn they pose some truly stupid click-bait questions in their headlines. The latest involves an upcoming movie called The Girl With the Red Riding Hood and the doe-eyed blond girl from HBO’s Big Love. Yesterday’s post is titled “Can a studio create a new Twilight (and could someone like Amanda Seyfried be the new Kristen Stewart?)” So I guess there’s actually two stupid questions here…

The Girl With the Red Riding Hood is “an update of Little Red Riding Hood, with the requisite dark/dangerous/romantic elements that can appeal to Twilight fans – while also attracting audiences who simply like the fairy tale.” Apparently Warner Bros. is putting together a deal to get the film into production with Twilight-helmer Catherine Hardwicke directing and Seyfried starring in the title role. Hardwicke has actually been attached (to some degree) since last August, so the only news here is Seyfried’s possible involvement.

So where exactly is the Twilight angle you ask? Good question.

There are potentially shirtless werewolves involved. There’s a young woman in peril who may in fact be an idiot. And Hardwicke, as already mentioned, directed the first Twilight film. What’s missing of course is a best-selling series of young adult books providing a built-in audience of rabid girls, gay guys, and adult women who should know better.

Hardwick’s involvement doesn’t exactly inspire confidence as her films tend to be competent but flat affairs, and werewolves are one of the lamer movie monsters out there (witness this month’s The Wolfman). But instead of a typical horror film, this project almost sounds like it may be aiming for more of a The Company of Wolves-type vibe with the fairy tale and lycanthropy elements standing in for a young woman’s sexual awakening. (Okay, maybe I’m the one being hopeful now.)

I’m a big fan of the actress and am looking forward to her most adult role yet in Atom Egoyan’s Chloe, and she already has two other films completed or in post-production (Letters To Juliet, A Woman Of No Importance). Stewart became a “star” based simply on the Twilight name and it would have happened to anyone who took on the role. I like her well enough, but Seyfried is a much better actress who will most likely never attain the heights of Stewart’s celebrity.

So the only relevant news to take away from all this is that Seyfried may be starring in a dark(ish) romantic thriller with doggy-style werewolf-style shenanigans. Hmm… I guess if it takes a Twilight name association to make that come true then I’m down with it after all.

Are you interested in seeing Seyfried throw down with some wolf men?

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