Watch Special Effects Evolve in This Montage of Modern FX Oscar Winners

By  · Published on January 30th, 2014

The very first Best Picture, Wings, also won an award for Engineering Effects, but it was hardly the birth of an Oscar category. It took another decade before a combined award for sound and visual effects was given a spotlight. The sheer amount of early nominees proves how willing the Academy was to reward movies simply for attempting to trick our eyes, but the roster soon shifted back the other way so that in the 1950s there was almost always one nominee per year for a decade. Pretty easy to win with those odds, right? It became a special award category, and then special effects movies exploded.

In 1977, Star Wars was awarded the first Best Visual Effects Oscar, Life of Pi won it last year, and now Gravity, Iron Man 3, Smaug, The Lone Ranger and Star Trek Into Darkness are up for the honor.

One of those films will have to be tacked onto this keen montage featuring the winners from ’77 – ’13. Nelson Carvajal put it together choosing a strangely somber song for the background (Zimmer!), but ultimately proving that Spielberg and Lucas had this on lock for a healthy chunk of time.

And now, some magic:

Who do you think will win this year? It’s Gravity, yes? Gotta be.

Source: io9

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