[watch] Bearded Brilliance: The Evolution of Steven Spielberg

By  · Published on July 5th, 2016

If you think about it, summers belong to Steven Spielberg. He all but invented the summertime blockbuster with JAWS nearly 40 years ago, and since then he’s seen his films like JURASSIC PARK, E.T., and the entire INDIANA JONES quadrilogy dominate summer box offices like no other director can. But for every overwhelming success he’s had, there’s the occasional stumble by Spielberg, which many are considering his latest, THE BFG, to be.

But this is natural. In every director’s evolution there are peaks and valleys, but if you look at the whole of Spielberg’s career, it’s easy to see there are far more of the former than the latter. And fortunately, we’ve got that look right here, courtesy of the latest supercut from Burger Fiction which is titled, appropriately-enough, “The Evolution of Steven Spielberg,” and which distills half a century of filmmaking into a jam-packed quarter hour that hits all the highs and lows of the most celebrated and successful filmmaker of all-time. Insert your own “we’re going to need a bigger _______” joke here.

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