Want The Opening of ‘Transformers 3’ Spoiled For You?

By  · Published on July 15th, 2010

If you’re one of the many who loved Transformers 2 (a group that is not employed by the internet anywhere) or one of the people holding out hope that some sort of quality will be shot like a CGI rocket into the very heart of this franchise, then you might just have your spirits lifted by the opening scene to Transformers 3.

The movie doesn’t come out until next Summer, but they’re filming right now, and if this scene is any indication, they are at least playing around with some interesting ideas.

This spoils the entire opening. Consider yourself warned.

According to CHUD, the first scene of Transformers 3 deals with a disturbance on the moon. After ruling out Gru, a bunch of serious-looking agents speed walk their way through the White House and into the Oval Office where they are greeted by the familiar face…of President John F. Kennedy.

Setting this sort of interaction between humans and the alien threat back in the early 1960s is more than fitting with the massive timeline of Autobot and Decepticon involvement with Earth. Plus, it’s really cool. Or, at least it took more than a few brain cells rubbing together to spark this concept and move forward with it.

Apparently it was born from Steven Spielberg himself – which sounds fitting given his fascination with the time period and aliens stealing our precious Heavenly resources.

If you’ll remember back to the marketing of the first movie, this is sort of the spiritual partner of the Beagle 2 Rover getting tipped over on Mars:

What do you think?

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