Video Proof That Steadicam Shots Make Everything Cooler

By  · Published on March 5th, 2013

Walking and talking, dancing, stalking someone before exacting your revenge, running up some steps at the end of a jog, stumbling drunken down a hallway, closing down a bar for a club you can’t talk about, wandering around a harmless outdoor maze, watching an iconic figure give a speech.

All of these things can be made infinitely cooler by using a Steadicam.

Introduced to production by Garrett Brown in 1975, the rig earned some serious credibility by 1976 and was then refined by the needs of Stanley Kubrick for a little flick called The Shining (who needs a shot that runs along the floor?). It’s been used heavily ever since, and now Larry Wright and Refocused Media have made a very slick edit showing as much proof that you could ever need that Steadicam shots are the way to go if you need something to look incredibly badass. Pull up some popcorn and enjoy.

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