Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia Find Love, Embarrass Their Teens in ‘At Middleton’ Trailer

By  · Published on October 22nd, 2013

Here’s an pairing that’s just so odd that it might work: Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia as bubbly single parents of incoming college freshmen who fall in love when they meet on the campus tour. Adam RodgersAt Middleton is the story about how they get separated from their kids and the tour and spend a day experiencing all the college has to offer instead. You know, like dancing in a dorm room and running fully-clothed through a fountain.

Since this is a rom-com, Garcia is the straight man complete with a bowtie, and Farmiga is the free-spirited woman wearing a silk blouse. They have nothing in common, and yet they’re falling madly in love after just an afternoon together. You see, they went looking for the tour group and found each other instead.

It’s a sweet trailer, but a bland premise. They both seem to be dissatisfied with their lives (Farmiga’s breakdown in the middle) and a campus tryst with another parent isn’t going to magically solve things. Mom and Dad, we’re just going to be waiting in the parking lot. Text us when you’re finished with that rave, okay? Check out the trailer here:

Interestingly, playing Farmiga’s “ugh I hate you, Mom, stop ruining my liiife” daughter on this life-changing trip is her real-life sister, American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga. I suppose when you need a teen who looks like your lead, you go for the mini-Farmiga.

I’m also so curious to know what’s getting this its R rating. There’s apparently sex and drugs involved.

At Middleton is in theaters and VOD January 31, 2014.