Unfortunately, These New Pieces of Concept Art From Pixar’s Cancelled ‘Newt’ Are Totally Adorable

By  · Published on January 4th, 2013


It’s not often that Pixar misfires on something but, if these newly-posted pieces of concept art for their cancelled feature Newt are any indication, the animation studio might have slipped up when it came to letting this one go. FirstShowing dug up some new concept art from the film, posted by illustrator Katy Wu (via The Pixar Times), and these charmingly adorable pieces join another cache of Newt pictures that FirstShowing also posted back in 2010.

Newt was originally slated for a summer 2011 release (which is why you might remember seeing its cute little logo splashed around in 2010 and 2009), but was ultimately cancelled because its plotline was too similar to that of Rio, which opened in April of 2011. That film (a Blue Sky production) focused on a domesticated macaw whose owner discovers that he’s the last male of his kind, leading them to travel to Rio de Janeiro to meet the last female of his kind to, you know, make some stuff happen. Which is why it’s so unfortunate for Newt that the project was to center on the last remaining blue-footed newts who get tossed together to, ahem, again, make some stuff happen, though matters are complicated by the fact that they hate each other. If these concept pieces are to be believed, it looks like the two overcome their issues and have some great adventures, which is why it’s just so sad that we’ll most likely never get to see this project. Seriously, even this concept art is gorgeous and evocative.

After the break, check out some of our favorite looks at the Pixar project that never was. You can check out the rest over at Wu’s blog on Blogspot and on a special gallery on Pixar’s Facebook page.

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