Go Crazy: David Slade Will Direct Third Twilight Film

After his 30 Days of Night, David Slade gets a shot at creating yet another vampire mythos. Now with romance!
By  · Published on April 22nd, 2009

Just as the phenomenon snuck up on us originally, surprising Neil Miller – a man who usually prides himself on keeping up with every fad aimed at fourteen year old girls – with its fanbase power, an email snuck up on us just a few minutes ago with confirmation that the director behind 30 Days of Night will be helming Eclipse – the third installment in the Twilight series.

That’s right. David Slade will be sitting in the director’s chair after a ton of speculation has whirled around the internet regarding who would be taking his seat. Besides 30 Days of Night – one of the coolest vampire films I’ve seen in a while – Slade was also the mind behind Hard Candy.

So a guy who knows his way around vampires will be taking control of Eclipse. That’s fantastic news for anyone hoping for even a remotely decent look at vamps (and for anyone who wanted to stab themselves during the CGI moments of the first flick). Although, it’s unclear as to why Slade would be taking a job like this. He does have some experience with the unbalanced hormonal world of young girls (which would also continue the trend after having Thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke direct Twilight) and, obviously, vampires. Maybe the blend put him in a good mindset about creating a film where vampires have to fight or team up with werewolves in order to protect the love of one of their own and his completely fragile, unbalanced teenage girlfriend.

What do you think? Solid choice or weird? Were you disappointed that it wasn’t David Spade that would be directing? Me too.

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