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TV Review: Entourage 5.10 – Seth Green Day

Vince gets humiliated on the set of Smokejumpers with a shrinking number of lines and a passive-aggressive director. Eric gets humiliated by Seth Green while trying to close a deal for another client.
By  · Published on November 10th, 2008

Entourage, HBO, Airs Sundays 10pm E/P

Episode: “Seth Green Day” (Season Five, Episode Ten)

Synopsis: Vince gets humiliated on the set of Smokejumpers with a shrinking number of lines and a passive-aggressive director.  Eric gets humiliated by Seth Green while trying to close a deal for another client.  Ari gets humiliated when his attempt to convince Barbara to allow Andrew Klein into the agency results in Klein having a panic attack.  Drama and Turtle play Wii.

Review: Last week’s episode was actually called “Pie”, but it’s this week that finds almost every major character eating humble pie until they bust.  Vince continues to have issues on the set of Smokejumpers, although as super megastar Jason Patric is absent this week, his clash is solely with Verner, the director played by the stellar Stellan Skarsgard.  Vernor has cut several of Vince’s lines, and while Vince does step up finally to argue for his role, the director quickly and efficiently puts the actor in his place with assertiveness and criticism.  The cocky and confident Vince of seasons’ past is long gone it seems, as Verner’s comments about a tilted head and a quivering lip freak Vince out.  Smokejumpers was built up as Vince’s comeback, but I don’t see him finishing the movie, let alone gaining any recognition from it.

While Vince’s humiliation was somewhat realistic and expected, Eric getting dicked around by Seth Green was absolutely ridiculous.  It actually reminded me of the overblown status afforded Jason Patric last week.  This is Seth Green after all, and while he may hold some sway as a writer/producer on the Cartoon Network, he’s not exactly a Hollywood powerhouse onscreen.  I’m pretty sure Eric could have told the studio “no” to Green, and went looking elsewhere.  After all, it was the studio that was first interested, not Green, so they’d be willing to shop it around to different actors.  Eric used to be a pretty smart guy, and I’m not sure when he lost his common sense and scrappiness.  One could argue that he’s putting himself through Green’s bullshit out of guilt, as he’s been an absentee manager for all of his clients but Vince recently.  It was still painful to watch though.  That said, I certainly felt a bit better when Charlie (Bow Wow) decked Green before the studio meeting.  And speaking of Charlie, the dude deserves thanks for bringing some sex back onto the show courtesy of the cowgirl riding him during the phone call.

Luckily, we can always count on Ari to give it twice as good as he gets.  Barbara’s business meeting turned bitchy interview seemed to temporarily put Ari into a subservient position, but that wasn’t bound to last long.  Between Ari’s spot-on impersonation of Beverly D’Angelo’s Barbara to his rant at the women-only luncheon, Jeremy Piven continues to earn his Emmys.  I am starting to worry about Gary Cole though, or more precisely his character.  Cole’s obviously a great actor, but Klein so far has given him little to do besides act like a pushover.  Now that Barbara has given Ari the green light to bring him on, but solely on Ari’s side of the company books, I’m wondering if they’ll let Klein bring his half of the company down.

And Drama and Turtle play Wii.

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What did you think of this week’s episode?  Doesn’t Seth Green play a perfect douche?

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