Trailer: ‘Bunraku’ Presents a Stylish, R-Rated Cartoon World

By  · Published on July 26th, 2011

Trailer: ‘Bunraku’ Presents a Stylish, R-Rated Cartoon World

Bunraku premiered almost a year ago at the Toronto Film festival, and since then, nothing but mixed things have been said about it. Based on this trailer, the love it or hate it reaction the film has received up to now makes even more sense. What director Guy Moshe seems to have done is taken a sizable budget with a respectable cast, and make a film that will appeal to, at best, five people.

Count me in as one of those people.

Woody Harrelson being kooky, Josh Hartnett playing grim and suave, Kevin McKidd looking badass, and Ron Perlman coming off like he just walked off the set of Conan. Will all these ingredients make for a cohesive film? No idea. Fun or not, at least we’re getting an ambitious, R-rated, cartoon of a movie to end the summer.

Bunraku hits VOD on September 1st and opens in limited release on September 30th.

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