‘Total Recall’ Trailer Now Comes With A Len Wiseman Commentary Track

By  · Published on April 5th, 2012

It’s fair to say the reception for the Total Recall trailer has been positive. Nathan Adams notably went over the moon for it, declaring the visuals “mind-blowing.” While that might a bit extreme, the trailer was pretty damn cool, and certainly more impressive than most skeptics were expecting.

Now, courtesy of MTV, director Len Wiseman provides a commentary for the trailer, in which he discusses the world of the film, the unique opium den take on Recall, and how that one shot is an all-practical effect.

It’s quite nice to hear Wiseman understands and appreciates “If I’m not me, then who the hell am I?” And it’s even more comforting to know an actor capable of actual vulnerability will be delivering that classic line, instead of an unstoppable killing machine/actor without an inch of humanity.

Total Recall opens in theaters on August 3rd.

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