‘Total Recall’ Trailer Gives Us This Summer’s Ultimate Teen Boy Fantasy

By  · Published on June 28th, 2012

‘Total Recall’ Trailer Gives Us This Summer’s Ultimate Teen Boy Fantasy

Earlier today, our own dapper man Nathan Adams predicted that Rian Johnson’s Looper could go down as the best action picture of the year. Now we got a trailer for another upcoming sci-fi actioner: Total Recall, which looks to give that time travel hitman tale a challenge in the trailer set piece count.

Based on these trailers, if Looper is going to be 2012’s thinking man’s sci-fi picture, then Len Wiseman’s remake shall take the honor of being this year’s most expensive ADD teen boy movie. A few months ago, Wiseman told us he wanted to make a “dangerous mind trip” with Total Recall, but, based on what Sony is selling, he really made a teenage boy’s ultimate wish-fulfillment ‐ beautiful gals, a hunky lead as their P.O.V., robots, three-breasted ladies, and a frustrated Bryan Cranston.

Take a look after the jump!

If you’re indifferent or downright up in arms over this remake, then it’s doubtful any of this footage will get you on Wiseman’s side. What’s clearly gone is the comically violent lunacy of Verhoeven’s film. It seems as if Wiseman has replaced that crazed sensibility with massive scope, good-looking people, and other action genre conventions Verhoeven would make fun of.

Total Recall opens on August 3rd. [Yahoo! Movies, via ComingSoon]

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