World Builders

World Builders

World Builders is an ongoing series of conversations with the most productive and thoughtful behind-the-scenes craftspeople.

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One Night In Miami

Cinematographer Tami Reiker Explains Why the Camera Floats in ‘One Night in Miami’


We chat with the cinematographer about her jib-arm camera system and how a DC Comics villain inspired her new film’s look.

Run Hulu

How the Makers of Hulu’s ‘Run’ Got Traditional Thrills to Pop


We chat with filmmakers Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian (‘Searching’) about their new film and why two separate approaches to directing were required.

Michael Watson Lovecraft Country

Michael Watson Relies on Horsepower to Shoot ‘Lovecraft Country’


We chat with the ‘Lovecraft Country’ cinematographer Michael Watson about how he rooted his frame in history while never betraying the fantastical elements of the series.

Bill And Ted Face The Music Interview

The ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Interview: Being Excellent is a Practice


We talk to the cast and crew of ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ about the philosophical power of excellence and partying on.

She Dies Tomorrow Jay Keitel Spells

Jay Keitel Shaped Amy Seimetz’s Dread into Action in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


We chat with cinematographer Jay Keitel about the playful variety of cameras used to capture anxiety in ‘She Dies Tomorrow.’

Insecure Ava Berkofsky

Ava Berkofsky Discusses the Evolution of Self and Style in ‘Insecure’


We chat with the Emmy-nominated cinematographer about blending the emotions of her characters with her locations.

Ollie Downey Hanna Season Two

Ollie Downey Explains How a DP Slides into the Second Season of ‘Hanna’


We chat with the cinematographer about building a visual language for the second season of ‘Hanna’ without betraying the first season.

The Outsider

The Sound of Spit is as Crucial as the Monster’s Roar in ‘The Outsider’


In this edition of World Builders, we discuss the sound design of HBO’s crime drama The Outsider with Supervising Sound Editor Mandell Winter.

Joe Alves Jaws

Joe Alves Sets the Record Straight on the Supposedly Inoperable Shark of ‘Jaws’


We chat with the production designer about the exhaustive construction of Bruce the Shark, and how the story you’ve heard is not the whole story.