William Sadler

Vfw Poster

Talking the Speed Metal Blitzkrieg of Shooting ‘VFW’ with the Director and Cast


We chat with director Joe Begos and stars Stephen Lang, William Sadler, and Martin Kove about the bliss of shooting hell-bent for leather.

Vfw Stephen Lang William Sadler

‘VFW’ Set Visit: Making Our Last Stand With the Cast of Fangoria’s Latest Feature


We sat down with director Joe Begos and stars Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, and more to discuss the art of making a truly brutal indie action film.

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The Ending of ‘The Grudge’ Explained


The only people surprised by the climax of ‘The Grudge’ are those that have never seen a horror movie before.

Andrea Riseborough In Screen Gems' The Grudge

We Visited the Set of ‘The Grudge’ and Did Not Find a Remake in Progress


Nicolas Pesce’s reimagining of the Japanese classic revels in the aftermath of violence and considers the stain it leaves on our souls.

William Sadler Death

Courting Cinematic Death


The return of William Sadler’s Reaper to ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ makes us nostalgic for all those other killer cinematic personifications.