Video essays.

Stoker Mia Wasikowska

When Food Becomes Vital to Onscreen Storytelling


You can learn a lot about a character from their taste buds.

The Graduate Rack Focus

Rack Focus and the Gradual Presentation of Information


Watch a video essay that breaks down a vital visual storytelling technique.

Annihilation Memorable Film

Three Qualities of a Memorable Movie


Watch a video essay that analyzes how movies last in our memory thanks to their combination of great music, cinematography, and conclusion.

Aguirre The Wrath Of God

The Strange Allure of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski


Despite their lasting animosity, the two titans of New German Cinema produced a provocative and thought-provoking body of work together.


The Narrative Immersion of the Tracking Shot


Watch this video essay that demonstrates how tracking shots take audiences into and through a film along with the characters.

Pans Labyrinth Faun

The Creature Design of Guillermo Del Toro


A new video essay breaks down what it takes to make monsters like these.


The Actor’s Body Prepares: Sissy Spacek and ‘Carrie’


A new video essay gets to the heart of what makes Carrie such an enduring, terrifying classic.

Raiders of the Lost Ark opening

How to Successfully Begin a Movie


Watch a video essay that shows why an opening sequence has the power to make or break everything that comes after.

Evil Dead II

Horror and Comedy are More Alike Than You Think


Watch a video essay that breaks down the horror-comedy genre.